Monday, October 31, 2011

Why I don't donate to cancer research...

I never donate money to cancer research at the grocery store. Yes, I initially feel guilty about it. But to me it would be like throwing money away. This country can cure and prevent most cases of cancer (and other diseases) out there today. There is no special "pill", no special treatment that we have to isolate from the rare trees of the Amazon jungle.

Why are we so overweight in America? Why do we have some of the highest rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases? Around every corner I see a fitness club, healthy food store, sporting club retailer. When I turn on the TV I see commercials for breast cancer fundraisers or yogurt sellers marketing to women in the guise of prevention of breast cancer. These all seem contradictory. Shouldn't we be healthy is we are exercising and eating healthy low-fat yogurt with our lean turkey burgers? The bottom line is that our capitalist society needs us to remain ignorant of the scientific research and just blindly consuming what they want us to consume. And what we eat in this country is killing us. What we eat actually causes our disease! Of course, if we all figured this out then what would the meat, dairy, egg, supplement, vitamin, etc. companies do? What would the big pharmaceutical companies do if people suddenly stopped needing their blood pressure medicines, their diabetes testing strips, their cancer treatments?

What would happen if people suddenly decided to follow the recommendations of scientific research that shows a link between animal protein consumption and the progression of cancer and other diseases and reduce or eliminate meat, dairy and eggs in their diet? Well, obviously people would be better off. But what about the economy? What about the dairy, egg, and meat industries? They are as bad as cigarette companies, spreading their agenda to the littlest consumers, hooking our kids as early as possible and telling them that milk has calcium and builds strong bones- drink milk! A human should drink the milk from a cow? How does that even make sense? If I asked anyone to drink some of my (human) milk they would look at me like I needed a trip to the looney bin! But hey, gimme a big glass of that delicious juice from the teat of a cow- that is way more acceptable!

In his book, The China Study, T. Colin Campbell goes into the corruption of scientific research by bought scientists and big company interest groups. These people masquerade as experts in nutrition and position themselves as the main source of dietary guideline makers in this country. What damage is this doing to our country? It is killing us at an alarming rate. It is positioning our children to be just as confused as we have been about what we should be eating so they will die from the same diseases at young ages. It is happening already. The problem is that the solution is so simple that nobody can sell anything or make money from it so they need to hide it at all costs and instead sell you what they call "healthy" food: milk, eggs, yogurt, processed "low-fat" foods, "lean" turkey meat, etc. The problem is that these are all derived from animal protein and all bad for you.

So, what is the solution? How can you save yourself, your spouse, your children, your grandchildren from a legacy of disease, misinformation, confusion? How can we save this country from rising health care costs (hospitals really don't want anything to change either- they make money when people are in the hospital!)? How can we have the best quality of life for the longest time possible?

The Solution (according to T. Colin Campbell and the numerous researchers and scientists that he sites in his book) are these two [easy] strategies:

1. Eliminate (or severely limit) animal food in the diet (meat, eggs, dairy)
2. Eat a plant-based diet: fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, sprouts, etc.

and I will add also...
3. Eliminate or limit processed foods and sugary foods
4. Exercise !

We don't need to raise astronomical amounts of money for cancer research...a "cure" has been found in the way of prevention through diet. If you avoid animal protein and eat a plant-based diet you should be able to maintain a healthy body that is free of disease (cancers, heart disease, diabetes, etc.)

Don't be confused by all the misinformation out there. The answer and solution is simple- spread the word and save lives.


  1. PS. Some "cancer research" is testing on animals. March of Dimes is known of March of Crimes in the Animal Rights community. Reason number 138 not to support Cancer Research.

  2. Kat: Yes, it seems like such a waste of everything: time, resources, animal lives, and not to mention the human lives that could be saved if people changed their diets instead of relying on a pill or other medical intervention to save them. But then, who would make money?