Thursday, November 3, 2011

Breaking News: Junk Food is Bad!

OK, ignoring the obvious conclusion one can make from the headline of the article above (drug addiction is cool, guys? Duh, ok...) this article was interesting in a I-already-knew-this-but-like-to-pretend-I-don't sort of way. What I mean is, I *know* that processed/junky food is bad but man it just tastes so good so I like to ignore that information.

I didn't know it was as addictive as drugs, however! It really makes sense though: it is hard to eat one chip, donut, cookie, etc. without wanting another...and another...until the stomachache and sugar coma make you stop and you wake up the next morning filled with regret, self-hatred, and a hunger that only some sugary processed food can satisfy. It is a sick, cyclical loop of self-destruction, literally.

And I recently heard the term "junk-food-vegan" used to describe people that claim to be living a vegan lifestyle while most of their calories are still made up of processed food. Yes, the food is meat and animal cruelty-free but not necessarily healthy.

The bottom line is stick to whole, unprocessed foods and you can't really go wrong.

But in a pinch, I would go with dairy free ice cream instead!

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