Thursday, October 27, 2011

Verdict on last night's pizzas and a revelation about lunch

So last night I used pre-made crust which was nice but the crusts were mini-pizza size (8" diameter) so I had to assemble all 5 and cook seperately. It would have been much easier to cook One. Big. Pizza. Anyhoo...people liked them. The vegan cheese was gross. I think next time I will do a small sprinkle of real cheese or maybe no cheese at all. Overall it was a nice fast pizza. I layered spinach, mushrooms, and red peppers over red sauce. Kaylee loved sucking on the sauced crust.

For lunch today I ended up eating a veggies sammich (my favorite one) and gave Kaylee a piece of spelt bread with hummus to munch on. Well, then Kendall wanted Kendall ended up with pieces of bread, hummus, and then I gave her some spinach and broccolli to dip as well. Along with grapes I will say that this was probably the healthiest lunch she's eaten in a long time! It's just amazing how kids eat what you give them. If you assume they won't eat it (which I have done lots of times) then of course they won't because they don't have the opportunity! If Kendall (or Kaylee) sees me eating something, even a salad, they automatically want some. Remember this!

And this was such an *easy* lunch! Pieces of bread and veggies with hummus dip! Tonight I am going to experiment with some jarred Tikka Misala sauce I got. It has cream in it but oh well. :)


  1. For vegan pizza I've heard good things about Daiya vegan cheese.

    A good alternative is tons of quality tomato sauce, a layer of carmelized purple onions, and then a crumble of tofu "ricotta" (something like this came up in google I typically just wing it the main ingredients being lemon, salt, and spices. Nutritional yeast is a good addition here too!)

    On top of that, Kostas and I like to put shredded carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, pan seared zucchini slices, and perhaps a flavory type of tofu (like herb or smoked tofu).

  2. Guide to eliminating eggs in baking

    Post Punk Kitchen is generally a fun place for recipes/inspiration :o)

    Isa has some books out (Veganomicon, a vegan cupcake book, a vegan pie book)

  3. Hi Kat! I like the idea of the flavored tofu on top of the pizza. I have tried the Daiya cheese and to be honest, it kind of freaked me out. It just had a very strange texture that bothered me. But who knows, in a few months it may be a different story. I am going to slowly phase down the cheese, but we are off milk (and have been), yogurt, and most other dairy.

    As for the baking, I have made some really yummy vegan chocolate brownies, but they were so good that I lost self control and ate way too many. I think a better option (for me) is to not have sugar in the house.

    <3 Aly