Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New dinner recipes tried and great blogs I am loving

First, my favorite new blog is Happy Healthy Long Life. The blog author is a medical librarian that takes a research-based look at nutrition and lifestyle choices. She has great recipes and links to articles and videos...truly a wealth of health inspiration.

Another great vegan website is Bonzai Aphrodite, she has a great home garden section and shows what she feeds her and her toddler on a frequent basis. I get a lot of ideas from here.

Some great things I have made for dinner lately....spaghetti with red sauce and meatless balls...I know that Meatless meat is something that should be avoided when possible (not the healthiest to rely on at every meal) but for a quick dinner when the family is hungry, using frozen meatless balls and just adding them to simmering sauce did the trick. Everyone loved it.

Fajita veggie burritos with rice and refried beans served with quinoa and black beans. Inspired by a fabulous veggie burrito I had at Rubio's on Sunday. Admittedly, these two dishes together were redundant (beans and rice, beans and grains) but I really wanted to try the quinoa dish and knew it wasn't enough to fill up the hoard for dinner. Next time I would do a salad with it instead. But both were really good-even Brandon liked the quinoa.

Tonight I will be trying Chef Chloe's Pad Thai Noodles and making a thai-inspired salad to go with it, loosely based on this recipe, omitting the cashews which I don't have.

Oh yeah, I also made a "beef" stroganoff that turned out pretty darned good...just sauteed an onion with some mushrooms, then added cut up strips of Vegan Boca Burgers to this and added a can of cream of mushroom that I had in cabinet (not vegetarian, but I will stock up on vegan versions of cream of mushroom and onion soon) and some worcestire (sp?) sauce. All of this was put over noodles. It was so good and really tasted like it had meat in it. I will try and start using healthier alternatives to regular pasta soon to up the nutrition factor. This meal definitely needed a salad. Again, I get very lazy about salads when I have the stuff right there in the fridge and it would take 5 minutes! No more excuses!!

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