Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amazing Salad for Lunch and Movie Review: Dying to Have Known

I had such an amazing salad for lunch to day that I had to share...I simply mixed some leftover orzo pasta salad (orzo pasta with corn, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and cilantro) with some chopped spinach, baby carrots, tomatoes, and chickpeas. The dressing from the orzo salad was made with a good balsamic vinegar, about 1 TBS agave syrup, and salt and pepper (no oil!!). I didn't need to add any extra dressing! This was without a doubt one of the best salads I have ever eaten.

And don't even get me started on the nutrient load in this baby. It is loaded with healthy veggies chocked full of antioxidants and the chickpeas add fiber and protein. This is definitely a "superlunch!" I believe that when what you are eating is in line with the vitamins, nutrients that your body needs without all the additives, chemicals, etc. that processed foodmakers use then weight loss as well as disease-recovery is easy!

It goes like this: when you eat high-nutrient foods your body gets satisfied as far as its nutrient and vitamin needs so doesn't it make sense that the hunger signal would get turned off? Needs are met=no hunger signal.

On the other side if all you are eating is nutrient-poor foods that lack the necessary vitamins, minerals, then wouldn't it make sense that your body would keep that hunger signal active in order to keep trying to get these needs met? Needs are not met(even if "food" has been consumed)=hunger signal stays on.

These are just my own opinions based on what I have been learning as well as my own experience. See, ever since I switched to a whole foods, plant-based diet and excluded (to a large extent) processed foods, meat, dairy, and eggs I have reached the lowest weight since high school! Without even trying. And I work out 3/days per week for approximately 12 minutes per day. That equates to less than 40 minutes/week. And I am stronger, healthier, have more energy, happier, my skin is clearer, etc.

I thank the Higher Powers every day that I happened across the book, The China Study, as it has truly changed my life and the lives of my family for the better in so many ways. Thank you to the people like T. Colin Campbell who speak out for what is right no matter who opposes you. Thank you to Dr. Gerson who published his phenomenal cure for cancer and for giving the world a 2nd chance at life. Thank you to everyone else who is a part of the solution to the problems facing our world today- people that are willing to dig and find out the truth and share it with other's at great personal cost. These people give me hope that we really will be able to work towards a sustainable future for the human race on planet Earth.

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