Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why Go Veg? Science-Based Arguments for Changing Your Eating Habits...

I am not interested in giving you my opinion on whether or not a plant-based diet is optimal for humans. I want to look at the scientific evidence for or against eating meat. Humans have the capability to eat meat, sure. We also eat lots of things that don't resemble anything found in nature (Twinkie, anyone?). The fact that we can eat it doesn't mean we should. When scientists are studying a new species or an extinct one they will often look to anatomical clues to tell them what the animal ate. For example, they examine the skull shape and teeth. Scientists can learn a lot about an animal's diet from these clues alone. Apart from that, if we wanted to learn what an optimal diet for a human primate is we could also look at our closest non-human primate ancestors, the chimpanzees.

In the wild, chimpanzees feed primarily on vegetation, fruit, nuts, seeds, insects, and occasionally meat. Can you imagine what would happen if we replaced the chimps diet with the standard american diet? Sodas, hamburgers, chips, long before the animal developed some sort of disease? In fact, can you even imagine a zoo feeding any animal the crap that so many of us routinely put in our bodies? I am not even talking about meat and dairy products least those count as food. Think "foods" loaded with sugar, fat, preservatives. Ugh.

Take a look at the diet the Houston zoo feeds their primates: lots of leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and some insects for protein. They take pride in giving their animals an optimal diet full of all the vitamins and nutrients the monkey could possibly need. No meat included at all! Isn't that interesting...If only we took the job of feeding ourselves and our families as seriously as the zookeepers there do. In fact, I consider myself a zookeeper of a quite adorable family of one incredibly large primate and 3 cute little ones!

Michael Bluejay does a great job of looking at the scientific evidence that supports eating a vegetarian diet for human primates, especially analyzing our body structures and comparing them to other herbivores and carnivores. You really cannot argue with that evidence.

Then there is the copious evidence that eating meat is harmful to your health...check the resources and websites listed on this website for starters. And if you haven't seen the movie Forks Over Knives yet, then that would be the first thing I would suggest. Plants are nature's perfect food for herbivores. And that is what human were clearly designed to eat. That is why when you start eating a plant-based diet that is high in vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds and low in meat, dairy, processed and refined foods that you will see weight just melt off your body, your energy levels will increase, you can reverse certain diseases and health conditions...actually the list of benefits is too long to name everything. But you know what's longer? The list of reasons not to eat animal products...

heart disease
auto-immune diseases
high cholesterol
Type 2 Diabetes
...and many more..,

...there are no benefits to eating animal products that are not found in better supply in plants. If you want to look better, feel better, and be better, than give a plant-based diet a try. Even just reducing the amount of meat, eggs, and dairy you eat per week is a good start. Try out a few recipes (I have many on this blog) and start building your repertoire of delicious plant-based food.

You know what I say: "Once you go plant, if someone gives you meat you say I can't!"

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