Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What to Eat For Dinner...

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So, we just got back from Vegas!! last night. I can't say that I followed an entirely plant-strong diet-we did eat sushi and I definitely enjoyed some cheese (grilled cheese sammiches) as well as fried food. But, I did order a giant bowl of vegetarian noodle soup filled with fresh broccoli, bok choy, carrots, and a ton of mushrooms. Also, there was a tofu and veggie dish with rice, mushroom pizza, and veggie burger in there. I am craving mushrooms lately...hmmm..what is that about?! All in all, I tried to eat healthy when I could but wanted to enjoy myself so I relaxed and decided to eat what I felt like. I kind of went lacto-veg-o.

Oddly, I don't think I had one sugary thing the whole weekend (besides the cranberry juice in my cranberry-vodka cocktails). I even avoided chocolate! I attribute that to the fact that my cravings overall for sugary foods have gone way down over the past few months. And boy, there was lots of beautiful desserts! I enjoyed them with my eyes and that was enough.

Needless to say, I haven't gone grocery shopping yet so I am going to make something using what we already have on hand...my favorite asian noodle stir fry using Annie Chun's chinese noodles, extra firm tofu, kale, edamame, and mushrooms. I will also make a quick asian-style dressing for a chopped salad using some rice wine vinegar, agave syrup, soy sauce, and a touch of veganaise. Yum! One of the reasons I like the asian stir fry recipe so much is it's versatility. You can pretty much use any kind of noodle (of course, whole wheat or buckwheat would be a healthier option), any kinds of veggies (even a bag of frozen stir fry blend), and any asian sauce you have on hand.

Another option that I can't wait to try because of the easy quotient is the Healthy Librarian's "Crazy Good" lasagne. The ingredient list and prep are minimal and the recipe is a nutrition powerhouse! I will definitely be making this sometime this week- hoping I can find some Upton's Naturals Seitan Chorizo!

When changing your lifestyle (and eating style) I think it is helpful to remember that it is a process...it takes time to build up a list of go-to recipes, time to try new recipes, and a willingness to try new things. You won't like everything you make. I made the most hideous dinner two weeks ago that I am still scarred. However, I have discovered so many wonderful new recipes and foods that my family loves. I love watching my kids eat food that gives their growing bodies what they need. Lunch today for the girls was sauteed mushrooms, edamame, tofu, and spinach with some leftover whole wheat elbow pasta. I used some leftover Portabello mushroom soup to sautee it all in. It was amazing! And done in 5 minutes. It sure beats that heck out of Kraft mac and cheese, nutritionally. Hungry kids will eat healthy (and tasty) food. Try it! And keep trying it...and get them involved with the shopping, selecting of food, prep of food...if they own part of the process they are more likely to eat it!

OK, this post went way off on a tangent. Sorry! Well, I have to go workout now- it's been way too long. Gotta burn off some of those onion rings!! (Yes, I ordered room service onion rings 2 nights in a row, so there.) If I had to do it again I wouldn't. I just read this article on the affects of high fat foods on your brain. Yikes! I mean, I like onion rings but not enough to give myself brain damage!


  1. So I finally figured out how to get your blog to show up in my google reader... I can comment all the time now! Muah ha ha haaaa

    I think at some point you stop thinking of meat and cheese as edible. It's like you'll read a menu and it will say... green salad...pasta with tomato sauce...glass shards

    And you'll be like, uh, no, I will not eat glass! Obvs!

    Also, it will be hard, but eventually you come to terms with the fact that American lifestyle and cuisine does not accommodate people that want to eat a healthy diet. This isn't just bad news for the people that are duped into eating unhealthfully. It's also bad news for anyone who wants to both eat healthily and have super awesome fun in 'average' social outings and situations.

    This is my long way of saying, veganism is sometimes inconvienient! And if you are somewhere that does not cater to veganism, you may find yourself feeling a bit left out or saddened that you can't do things the same way you used to. You're like, what? I can't just go through a drive through and get burgers and fries and a milkshake? Nope. (Actually yes in San Diego!!! But usually not).

    The trade off is you live happier and healthier and save the animals and the planet and have awesome karma and the vegan glow!

    I did hear of a vegan restaurant or two in Vegas. Maybe you should check them out next time!

  2. Kat, I should be so lucky to have you comment all the time! is so true re: the shards of glass...in fact the thought of eating meat disgusts me now. (Cheese is still another story at this point...)