Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Menu for the Week, Including Recipes and Grocery List!

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Happy (Almost) Valentine's Day! I had to make a meal plan for the week because I will be so busy with my best friend's wedding (a real wedding, not the movie!), and rehearsal dinner, and then Vegas for the weekend! Fun times! But with a babysitter from Friday through Monday I needed to make sure we had enough food, meals, and healthy snacks on hand for everyone. I decided to post my meal plan and grocery list just in case anyone needed some inspiration.

At Sprouts market today I had to ask a stockboy to get more organic kale. He brought it out and mentioned wanting to try it. I told him to make kale chips! He was very excited to try them. I was so excited, I then told a woman buying kale about them as well after she asked me, "Is this kale?" Spread the kale love!

Meal Plan
Monday: "Beef" Stroganoff on Whole Wheat Linguini; Coconut, chickpea and kale soup; salad
Tuesday: Sweet Potato Pancakes, Hawaiian Fried Rice with Avocado Eggrolls a la Cheesecake Factory, garlic sauteed kale.
Wednesday: Enchiladas, salad. Coconut, chickpea and kale soup
Thursday: Bean and Rice Burritos, salad.
Friday: Stuffed Shells, salad.
Sunday: Leftovers!

Whole wheat crackers with peanut butter
fruit, nuts
homemade trail mix

Valentine's Day Sweet Potato Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

** I sub non-vegan ingredients on recipes. For example, I use Ener-G egg replacer instead of eggs.
Grocery List:


onions (6-7)
garlic, 1 bulb
Ginger Root
mushrooms (5 10 oz. containers, sliced)
kale (3-4 bunches)
yams/sweet potatoes (6 large)
green peppers (4)
celery, 1 bunch
apples (10ish)
oranges (10ish)
pears (6)
bananas (1-2 bunches)
avocados (5)
spring onions
red onion, 1
cilantro 1 bunch
sprouts, broccoli
lettuce (anything but iceberg)
broccoli (2 large heads)
broccoli slaw for egg rolls

blueberries/raspberries (for oatmeal or waffles)
Boca Burgers, vegan
whole wheat waffles

oatmeal (LARGE BAG of whole oats or steel cut.)
yellow split peas (3-4 cups)
dates, chopped
whole wheat spaghetti, linguini, and shells

garbanzo beans/chickpeas (3)
black (2)
light coconut milk
sun dried tomatoes
vegan french onion soup or mushroom soup
granola bars (whole wheat, organic)

whole wheat bread
whole wheat tortillas
whole wheat bagels

almond milk (for oatmeal, cereal, and drinking) (2-3)
toffuti (For bagels and cream cheese)
Vegan shred cheese, 1 cheddar and 1 mozzerella (for vegan quesadillas and burritos, enchiladas and flatbread topping. I like Daiya)
Extra Firm Tofu, 1

Total Cost: around $165
Feeds (Very generously): Me, Chris, Brandon (10), Kendall (2 1/2), and Kaylee (15 months) for 1 week

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