Monday, December 5, 2011

I love short and intense workouts, and short and intense veggie recipes!

This weekend I saw some friends and these days people keep telling me how good I look (I lost all the baby weight thanks to Eating healthy and plant-strong (I love that term) is definitely helping! Actually, when I work out I am motivated to eat healthy. And when I eat healthy I have the energy to workout! They go together, right? My friends and I were in Marshall's and we happened across some Kettelbells. I immediately launched into telling them how great KBs are and how effective of a workout you can get with a simple KB swing...they were like, Aly, you need to make a workout video! Uh, there are tons for free on! Why would I make one when Zuzana is way more in shape and well-spoken than I am! (I just love her). They said that I could really motivate people. My personality, I guess? Must be! Anyways, just for fun I made them a workout! I am not posting it here but it is the same workout here:

Anyhow, I am getting into a groove with eating and have some fave recipes now. Oatmeal with berries, chia seeds and banana is a regular thing, as is a veggie topped bagel with Toffutti. I also love wraps on sprouted tortillas and kale and bean soup- so easy and YUM! Not to mention making flatbread with whole wheat flour and topping with garlic salt and sundried tomatoes (and a little parmesan!). We eat a lot of pastas and spinach salads with pecans and cranberries.

Geez, who said eating veggie was boring and bland? ME, oh yeah. That's what I used to think. How wrong I was! I get such a kick out of making delicious food that I know is good for my family's health and tastes good.

Tonight I am thinking of making this Thai Curry Tofu recipe over rice: Another beautiful spinach salad. And maybe some homemade flabreads, too! Oh man. Delish!

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